South East Idaho Mystic Leader's Guild

The South East Idaho Mystic Leaders Guild is a group of local leaders from covens, clans, shops, and other witchy and mystical-type groups.

We are building a network to help guide other mystics in the area. This is a place for leaders to share resources, knowledge, and plan community events. We are also positioned to refer people in the community toward whatever product, service or group they are looking for.

We want to build a working-relationship with other like-minded groups in our area.


Heidi Jensen - President

Heidi was born and raised in Idaho Falls. When she was younger, she began to study and learn magick. Family circumstances led her to burn what she had and hid her true self away for many years. She met her soul mate and best friend, Joshua, during her final year in high school. They were married and immediately left for the US Navy. They spent most of 10 years away in San Diego County - where Heidi received her Bachelors of Science in Business Management. After the Navy, they moved back home to Idaho Falls to be closer to family and friends. Heidi began to get active again in Job's Daughters - an amazing organization from her youth. This is where she met her Twin Flame , Klarisa, and magick came back into her life. The three of them were handfasted together in 2020 and they have 9 children together. Heidi and Klarisa are very active in the Magickal community and Josh is very supportive of both of them. Heidi helps co-manage Idaho Falls Mystic Gatherings with Klarisa and Randi. She also helped form her coven, works as an editor for the Metaphysical Times Newspaper, and helped to create and start the Southeast Idaho Mystic Leaders Guild - where she is currently the President. She is also a Boss-Witch of her own business, Jensen's Lil House of Demons - AKC Shih Tzu. When she is not busy wearing her multiple hats, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her family and animals.

Klarisa Jensen - Vice President

Klarisa has been on her path as a witch for seven years now and has loved every minute of her journey, finding her joy in being a green eclectic witch. She is a Boss Witch for her own company: 13 Moons Birth Services - doula, childbirth educator, doula trainer, midwife assistant and working towards hers midwifery degree. Family life is never dull; with nine kids how could it be? She is currently High Priestess of a coven in Idaho Falls, co-host of Idaho Falls Mystic Gatherings that meets monthly for coffee, and, is a founding member of Southeast Idaho Mystic Leaders Guild. Professionally, she is a doula, midwife assistant, and doula trainer. She enjoys reading, gaming, gardening, learning, and sharing her knowledge with others.

Caitlyn Willey - Secretary

Caitlyn is a lifelong witch who grew up lucky enough to be raised in a family of pagans. Currently, she’s rocking the title of High Priestess of a local coven in the Idaho Falls area, and has been inspired to share her knowledge with everyone. She is considering writing a book to share her experiences with the world. Lately, she has also been working alongside her mom to build the brand Wyrd Grove - formerly known as Witchsperation, a line of custom-designed bags, face masks and more. When not working on all things witchy, Caitlyn can be found curled up in a nest of blankets with a good book and a fluffy puppy.

Open Position - Treasurer

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Open Position - Social Media Specialist

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